How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Many of us would love to have straighter teeth, but we’re not keen on visible metal braces. This rings especially true for adults. Getting braces as an adolescent is tough enough, but having to wear metal braces to the workplace can be off-putting. Fortunately, clear aligners perform the same job as braces without being nearly as visible. Your dentist in Castle Rock, CO, can tell you more about how clear aligners straighten your teeth and perfect your smile.

Clear Aligners Are Customized to Fit Your Mouth Perfectly

Before ordering your aligners, your dentist may make a physical mold of your teeth using a non-toxic, putty-like substance that turns rubbery in the tray. More often, they’ll use digital imaging technology to make an exact model of your teeth and gums. This model is then used to fabricate your clear aligners.

You’ll Receive a Series of Plastic Aligner Trays

The first clear aligner tray will fit over your teeth perfectly. You’ll wear the tray for at least 20 hours each day, meaning you’ll only take it out for eating or cleaning. As you wear the tray, it gradually shifts your teeth into alignment. You’ll switch to a new tray every one to two weeks. Each new tray will shift your teeth a little more until you’re left with the smile of your dreams.

Your Aligner Trays Will Be Barely Noticeable

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners are much less noticeable. They fit snugly over teeth, allowing the teeth to show through the plastic. For this reason, friends and family will have to look closely to see them. Clear aligners are much less prominent and usually make patients feel much less self-conscious about their smiles.

You’ll See Quick Results

Clear aligners can straighten teeth in as little as six months. Of course, much depends on the condition of your smile in the beginning. However, you’ll begin to see results within just a few weeks. Because the aligners can be removed for brief periods of time, you can follow the progress they’re having.

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Clear Aligners

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