How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?


Whenever you have a check-up with your dentist, do you find yourself crossing your fingers they won’t find a cavity? You are not alone.

Try as we may to take care of our teeth, sometimes we find ourselves in need of restorative dental work, or as it is more commonly called — a filling. Before we dive into the question of how long do dental fillings last, let’s first dive into what exactly they are and how Castle Valley Dental can help.

The 411 On Fillings

A filling is material a dentist uses to replace a damaged area of a tooth. There are a few reasons why fillings are required, the biggest one being there is a cavity. Other reasons for needing a filling include a cracked or chipped tooth.

Cavities, or tooth decay, are permanently damaged areas on the surface of teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. Tooth decay is a common problem. Nearly 90% of adults ages 20 – 64 years have had decay in one or more of their teeth at some point in their life. Left untreated, a cavity will worsen and go deeper into the tooth. It can cause pain, abscess, and tooth loss.

At Castle Valley Dental in Castle Rock, Colorado, our team of experts specialize in restorative dental work and makes sure the process of getting a filling is as comfortable as possible. The entire procedure only takes about an hour for one to two cavities, and we apply a local anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure the experience is pain-free.

A Filling Can Last…

Fillings last for a long time. You may be wondering exactly how long do dental fillings last, and the answer is: that depends. If you practice good dental hygiene and take care of your teeth, the fillings can last 10 years or more.

Of course the absolute best thing you can do is to try and prevent cavities. Let’s take a look at how to avoid tooth decay with preventative dental care.

Oral Hygiene Best Practices

The best way you can prevent cavities is to have a good oral hygiene routine in place. This includes:

  • Brush every day, at least twice a day, for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss everyday
  • Have regular check-ups and cleanings with a licensed dental care provider
  • Replace your toothbrush at least every three months
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash

Do you have kids? Make oral hygiene a fun family routine and get your kids into good habits early. This includes eating healthy foods that don’t break down enamel. To see more on the topic, read our previous blog: 5 Tips For Teaching Kids To Brush.

Your eating habits are also interlinked with oral hygiene. Be mindful of what you put into your mouth as acidic and sugary food and drinks can harm your teeth. It’s best to avoid them, but when you do have them, make sure to brush your teeth afterward. Good habits and a good oral care regimen will help you stay cavity-free.

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