What Are the 4 Types Of Dentures?

Did you know that 23 million Americans are completely edentulous (missing their teeth), and 12 million Americans are missing all of their teeth in at least the top or bottom of their mouth?

You might not ever know, though, because of the advancements made to dentures which now look and feel like natural teeth!

When you hear the word “Dentures,” you probably think of the false teeth that are removable that many older adults have.

However, the term dentures is an umbrella term for multiple types of replacement teeth. Dentures, in its simplest definition, is a plate or frame that holds artificial teeth.

There are permanent dentures and removable dentures (these types are the ones you are most likely familiar with), and which type a person has mainly depends on what their needs are!

So what types of dentures exist, and how do you know which is right for you?

If you’re struggling with lost teeth or know that you might lose your teeth in the future, this article is for you! We are going to discuss 4 types of dentures and how they can help you get your smile, confidence, and quality of life back!

Full Mouth Removable Dentures
These are the most common type of dentures that you are used to seeing. These are also called traditional dentures because this type has been around since the 1700s!

If you have lost all of your teeth and are looking for an affordable solution that allows you to continue living your life without spending thousands of dollars on permanent dentures, this is the option for you.

Traditional dentures are completely removable and are adhered to the gums by denture paste or gel.

Here at Castle Valley, we offer an option called Immediate Teeth, which allows you to leave the dentist with a full set of dentures the same day you get your teeth removed. We measure and create dentures before the procedure takes place so that you can have your teeth pulled and leave with a brand new smile in one day!

You can also wait until your mouth has healed from the tooth extraction procedure to get fitted for dentures as well! It is truly up to what you want and how you feel!

Partial Mouth Removable Dentures
Partial mouth dentures are for those who still have healthy teeth but might be missing front or noticeable teeth.

Anytime you lose a tooth, it makes it harder for you to chew foods and stifle your self-esteem, so when you’re missing multiple teeth, you may not even want to smile anymore!

That’s where partial dentures come into play!

Partial dentures are affixed to the teeth, similar to that of a retainer or mouth guard. They have artificial teeth attached to the wires, and you simply place the guard around your other teeth to hold them in place! You can also use denture glue or gel to add extra hold.

Permanent Single Implants
If you’re missing one or several teeth and want a more permanent option, dental implants are a great option!

Dental implants mimic natural teeth and are affixed permanently into the mouth by the implant, which is a screw or post that is placed into the gums and the bone. Once that is healed, your replacement tooth will be permanently attached. This is a fantastic option if you have the bone density and gum health to handle this type of denture.

Permanent Full Mouth Implants
A full mouth of implants takes dentures to the next level. A plate of replacement teeth is made and is attached to 4 or 6 points throughout your mouth where implant posts are placed. This can be done for the top or bottom arch of teeth or both!

This is a permanent option that lasts up to 20 years or longer, depending on your overall health, oral health, and oral hygiene practices!

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Many people who lose their teeth at a young age and still have strong bone density and good gum health are perfect candidates for this option as it is long-lasting and looks and feels as natural as their original teeth!

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