What Happens If My Tooth Gets Infected?

Tooth infections can be painful and scary! Fortunately, your dentist in Castle Rock, CO can help you. Knowing a little bit about tooth infections and what can be done about them can help. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means if your tooth is infected, how to tell if your tooth is infected, how to get rid of an infection and how a tooth infection can be stopped. Here’s what to know.

What Does It Mean If My Tooth Is Infected?

When a tooth gets infected, the delicate pulp inside the tooth enamel becomes compromised by bacteria. An infection of this nature can spread to other parts of the body, if it’s not treated. In addition, if your tooth isn’t treated, you could lose your permanent tooth.

How Can I Tell If My Tooth Is Infected?

The best way to tell if your tooth is infected is to visit the dentist. Your dentist can examine your tooth and determine whether your tooth is infected. Your dentist will also be able to recommend treatment for your tooth. However, you’ll be able to tell if your tooth is infected by the following:

  • Severe pain in the tooth
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Tooth is discolored
  • Tooth has a crack or chip in it
  • Tooth is sensitive to heat and cold

If you’re noticing any of symptoms like the ones above, see the dentist to get treatment as soon as possible. An infection in your tooth can cause problems if it’s not treated as soon as possible.

How Can I Get Rid of an Infection In My Tooth?

Your dentist will use an emergency dental procedure called a root canal to get rid of the infection. During the root canal, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and then fill the tooth full of sealant. Finally, the dentist will protect the tooth enamel with a crown.

How Can A Tooth Infection Be Stopped?

Tooth infections often happen when a tooth becomes chipped and bacteria enters the tooth through the chip or crack in the tooth. You can help avoid a tooth infection by taking care of your teeth and going to the dentist regularly.

If you believe you have an infected tooth, call Castle Valley Dental root canal in Castle Rock, CO.

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